Friday, March 2, 2012

Snow Day

Its all snowy here.  Heavy, wet, snowy snow.  I waked up to get E because the roads where AWFUL and it was not to cold (hence the wet snow).  I am glad that I walked, but also glad that I am home. Side note I talked with someone from CA today and she said "Oh you are still getting snow there?  When does that stop?" to which I said Oh April, May, June sometimes July.... How I love the mid-west. I think I might have scared her a bit:)

Anywho, I have been working all day on this quilt:

Note I should name this quilt so that I do not have to keep showing you this same old tiered photo.

I have all the blocks done (only have to iron them), so next I will be putting them together.

I also have been working on some stuff for Cub Scouts. I have to cut 60 4x8 rectangles, iron them and sew 40 of them.  I have 2/3s of the work done. (My partner in this project, who reads this blog BTW, will be happy to hear this as we where going to do all this work instead of quilting on our craft night.)

Dreaming of a cruise.  What are you dreaming of?



Johanna said...

Wow, you work fast if you were already 2/3rds done on Friday. Thanks!


Zoë said...

Yah I got all that done, but I have not sewed any of them up yet.... to busy with other crafting:)