Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Been gone and now I am back.

E was sick last week.... most of the week.... home from school sick...... fever sick... ear infection sick..... I was a little sick of him being sick sick.

The weather was wonderful so A and I spent time outside while E was on the couch.... sick.... (did I mention that he was sick?)

I got this quilt done and we all have been using it, and loving it.

At the end of the week E got better (thank God) but we had lots of caching up to do and friends that needed us over the weekend. So I did not got to blogging. (friends are more important then blogs... sorry)

I have also been working on my ladies quilt.  I am quilting it like this.  It is fun and easy to stop and start so I can do one or two flowers and then wait a couple of day (cough cough week cough) to do another one.

We have also been spending a little (read into that way to much time) watching the Decorah Eagles.  The eggs are about to hatch and it is kinda (read into that VERY) additive.

These photos are all from last week and that is why E is not in any of them .... remember he was sick on the sofa..... how many times do you think I can say sick in one blog?

I hope the eagles hatch soon and that the kids stay well so that I can come back here more.  (please cross fingers for me:)

Have a nice sick free day (just had to add one more sick in there in case there was a record that I might be able to make:).

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Stephanie said...

I'm glad E is feeling better, Zoe! I loved that peep that you made and glad you and Kari had so much fun. :)