Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Break

Spring flowers from my garden.

I wanted this spring break to be a special week for Elijah.  Ada and I get to do so many things while he is in school so I wanted to make sure that we did special things for E this last week and we did.  Both kids got new sandals, we went out to eat many times, Elijah and I got to go to a movie (we saw the Lorax, it was wonderful!), we had a couple of play dates (I even got to have one with my friend Kari!!!:), a day at the museum, and lots of playing.  All and all it was a great week.

Here is a little spring sign that I made (I still need to add the spring words to it.)

All and all it was as great week and I think that both kids had fun.  Now we are settling back into school and normal life.    

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