Monday, April 30, 2012

The Pioneer Woman

Not sure if you have read any of her blogs but if not check out this and this one.  They ROCK!

Any way I just got her new cookbook from the library.

  I thought I would just look through it and be happy to give it back..... I was so not going to give it back so instead of stealing it I ordered it.  Now I have it and can just drool over it look at it anytime I want.  After having it a couple of days I have decided that I am going to go and live with her.  She can make me this:

and this:

and this:

and of course this:

and.... well I think you get the picture.  Also I will help pet the this cat:

because you can tell (just like you can will all cats ) that she/he needs to be pet more;)

and I will help her by doing the small amount of dishes that she makes (I mean how many dishes could she make?)

Might need to re-think that one......

All kidding aside this is a great cookbook and well worth buying.  I love the way it have LOTS of photos of ALL the steps so that when you are making it you can just do a quick glance and see what is to be done next.

(On a side note I hurt my back VERY bad this last week and have been out of it. So if I owe you a call/email/million bucks I am sorry that I have not gotten it to you, but I will be better soon and may or may not remember I owe you something:)  (bad luck if you lent me a million bucks this week because I am sure I forgot about that:) )

Have a great day and I hope that you get someone to cook for you (like I have for the last couple of days it does rock!)

Oh and I did not take any of these photos they are all from Ree Drummond's book all I did was take a photo of her photos so all the credit goes to her for the yummy looking photos.

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