Wednesday, May 2, 2012

So Sad

To celabrate the first day I was off the drugs for my back pain (I could not drive so we have been stuck in the house), I took Ada to the coffee shop.  It was fun to be out of the house.  After we went to the store for supplies for dinner.  As a treat I decided that we would get stuff for guacamole.  Ada and I got home and started making it right away.  It was so much fun.  Ada worked on squising the avacotoes to get the inside out and I cut all the other stuff.  Then we started testing it.  We each got one taste and then this happened:

Ada cried " we just worked hard to make all that!!!"
It took several mins to get her to stop crying and in the end I let her watch a TV show while I cleaned up this mess.

Just look how good that would of been, if it did not have all that glass that would have killed us in it.  BTW yes Dad that is the wonderful bowl that you gave me.... it will be missed.  BTWW We ending up having chips and carrots for lunch (can we say healthy?)

Hope you have a spill free day:)

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Kari said...

awwwww. it did look good.