Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mothers Day Photos

I have so much going on and no time to write, but here are some photos from Mothers day (that I just took off my camara:)

Friday, May 22, 2009

56, 6, 39

These are the number of books I have on hold, ready to pick up, and out of our library. I really love our library, but I think I might be out of control (at least I do not have 75 holds witch is the limit, thanks for finding that out for me Stephanie;).

I am still here, but packing as much as I can. Be back when I have interesting things to share.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Some more things I love

  • I love that when my daughter wakes up crying and saying that her arm hurts (hurts so bad that when we touch her her whole body shakes) I have someone to call to help us know that to do.
  • I love that when they tell me to take her to the emergency room that Mark and I do not have to talk about how we are going to get her there, we just do it.
  • I love that when I am driving her there that she tells me that it does not hurt anymore.
  • I love that when I am in the parking lot not knowing if I should bring her in or not (now I can shake her arm and it does not hurt) that I can call Mark (I love cell phones) and he tells me to take her just in case.
  • I love that no one at the hospital looks at me funny when I bring in my beautiful, healthy, happy two year old.
  • I love that that same two year old lets the nurse take ALL of her vital signs without one fuss (this made the nurses day:)
  • I love that when the doctor comes in he laughs and says that she was to wait for him to get better (I think it would have made his day to have "fixed" her even if it would have happened anyway:)
  • I love that when this same doctor asks what her doc's name is and I tell him Dr Smith he smiles again and says "if she has anymore problems today give Tammy a call" (I love that most medical people that I meet here seem to know her and like her).
  • Mostly I love that my kids are both playing happily with all 4 limbs and that we have a party to go to today.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Why do I blog?

Lately I have been wondering why I am doing this blogging thing? Is it just a place to put up some of the millions of photos that I take? Is it a place to remember what life is like right now? I know that it is a little of both of these things, but I also know that there are some parts about my life right now that I will never be able to relive. Somethings are just to "have to be there" kinda things. I am sad sometimes when someone says "you know before you know it they will be going off to college". I hold both the kids tight and think... not to fast please. (sorry for being sappy). Anyway here some things that I think I will miss when they are older:

  • I love the way she looks when she is sleeping. The way she just lays there under her blanket and looks so perfect.
  • I love the way when I go to kiss him goodnight he often is spread out in some funny way.
  • I love the way he likes to cuddle in bed with me when he first gets up.
  • I love the way that she will sit in my arms and hug me forever when she first gets up.
  • I love when he is so proud of something he does that he wants to share it with me.
  • I love the way she can spot any amount of pink in anything, even when we are in a moving car.
OK I am sure there are more things, but right now that is all I have. Thank you for reading my sappiness. I just found out that one of my best friends is moving 1/2 way across the country and I am going to miss her BADLY , not to mention the kids are going to miss her also. And two of my friends are in the hospital. So maybe that is why I am so sappy today. I hope that you all have a wonderful day where ever you are.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I do not have tons of time today, but I wanted to get this story down before I forgot it.

Ada and I where in her room the other day playing (well mostly hugging).

A: This Ada's room!
Z: Yes it is, you know that we are going to be moving soon and you will have a new room.
A: (a little concerened look on her face) We bring daddy with us?
Z: (smile) yes we will bring daddy with us.
A: (smile) We bring brother with us?
Z: yes we bring brother with us.
A: (giggle) we bring Ada's fingers with us?
Z: (laughing) yes we bring Ada's fingers with us.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day

I had a wonderful Mothers day. We had yummy pancakes, a wonderful walk in one of our favorite gardens, fun with my friend in the afternoon... and of course 2 wonderful kids!

New house cleaning.

On Friday the kids and I worked hard on cleaning our 2 new houses. I know you are thinking 2??? Here is a couple of photos of one of them:

That is right folks Ada Liz is now the proud owner of 2 doll houses (the other one is much smaller). On one of the walls is a photo of a woman in a wedding dress and another photo of a little girl. I have heard Elijah and Ada fighting about first photo it goes something like this:

A: That princess.
E: No Ada that is a bride.
(repeat until you are sick of hearing then insert me yelling asking them to stop here)

So over the weekend when just Ada and I where playing with the doll house we had this conversation:

A: That princess.
Z: Yes that is (I learned from Elijah's mistakes;)
A: That Aunt Mary princess.
(then looking at the photo of the little girl) Who that?
Z: Well that could be Ada.
A: (big smile) That Ada!
Z: Do you think that could be princess mommy? (pointing the the bride princess)
A: (even bigger smile) That mommy princess.... (coy smile on her little face) .... (smile) wait a minute! (giggle)

OK so maybe I am not a princess like Aunt Mary.... Oh well one day I will pay for college and she will still love Aunt Mary more (heeheehee)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Found Treasures

So I have always wanted to use my library more, but have never gotten into it, until Stephanie posted this blog. I was so inspired that I started my own hold list (using many of the books on Stephanie's list). Since then I have been going to the library a couple of times a week. When I went this week I found a bunch of books that I had to read/look at. I walked up to the counter with my bag full and my hands loaded down. I told her I had some things on hold and she walked up with another HUGE pile of books (SMILE). I had a bit of trouble getting the books and the kids back to the van, but it was worth it.  So for me the library is a new found treasure.

BTW I think it is funny that the diaper box in this photo says family pack (like there is anyone with a baby that is not a family:).

And for my Dad:

Elijah loves using the chopsticks.

Here is one of the things that I did with the leftover chicken from the other night. Last night we made enchiladas (supper yummy) from it.

That is it, have a super fun day.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Mark was gone most of last week and this is what saved me. Making meals up before the kids get any food. It sounds simple, but it has taken me ... what over 5 years to figure this out. (Sometimes the simple things take me a long to figure out.)

We had a good week that involved lots of home time, movies, crying, yelling, laughing (thankful more of this then the previous 2), friends and no photos.

On Saturday, after Mark got back, I went with my friend Kari to a BIG fabric sale. We went a little overboard (OK Mark I went very overboard). Here is a photo of the fabrics (most of them where $3.25 for a yard!!!)

Most of them are cotton, but I did score 3 nice pieces of linen also (I can not wait to make some new napkins for the family!)

Then because we had some time left and because our friend Stephanie was in town we met her at the Dig (our $1/pound thrift store). I got a bunch of cool stuff including this wonderful new blanket for park going ..... I love it... I saw it across the room and ran (OK maybe it was a slow jog, but I was holding my breath hoping that no one would there before me;).

Yesterday we were out in the sun (on the new blanket) and in the yard most of the afternoon. I put a couple of chickens in the oven using this recipe that Stephanie said was great (BTW she said that I should make 2 , I was going to only make one, and I listened to her boy was she right!) If you like chicken you should all try it... it is easy peasy and yummy. Oh and I did not let it sit for 4 to 6 hours I just put the spices on and stuck it in the oven, I can not imagine it could taste any better then it did;) Well now I need to get going with my day. Happy Monday everyone.