Friday, May 15, 2009

Some more things I love

  • I love that when my daughter wakes up crying and saying that her arm hurts (hurts so bad that when we touch her her whole body shakes) I have someone to call to help us know that to do.
  • I love that when they tell me to take her to the emergency room that Mark and I do not have to talk about how we are going to get her there, we just do it.
  • I love that when I am driving her there that she tells me that it does not hurt anymore.
  • I love that when I am in the parking lot not knowing if I should bring her in or not (now I can shake her arm and it does not hurt) that I can call Mark (I love cell phones) and he tells me to take her just in case.
  • I love that no one at the hospital looks at me funny when I bring in my beautiful, healthy, happy two year old.
  • I love that that same two year old lets the nurse take ALL of her vital signs without one fuss (this made the nurses day:)
  • I love that when the doctor comes in he laughs and says that she was to wait for him to get better (I think it would have made his day to have "fixed" her even if it would have happened anyway:)
  • I love that when this same doctor asks what her doc's name is and I tell him Dr Smith he smiles again and says "if she has anymore problems today give Tammy a call" (I love that most medical people that I meet here seem to know her and like her).
  • Mostly I love that my kids are both playing happily with all 4 limbs and that we have a party to go to today.


Angela said...

What?! So what was wrong with her? Did they tell you? You know what...maybe her arm was asleep and was all tingly and hurting. My 6 year old had her foot fall asleep one day and when she went to stand up she fell and almost twisted her ankle...then the sharp pain and tingling began...oh, and the screams of pain. I thought she broke her ankle then I realized what the deal was. Sheesh...the drama! just telling you that story stresses me out. Anyway, I am so glad your little one is okay :o)

Yarni Gras! said...

I am glad that all is well. With little ones, everything not normal is SCARY!