Monday, May 11, 2009

New house cleaning.

On Friday the kids and I worked hard on cleaning our 2 new houses. I know you are thinking 2??? Here is a couple of photos of one of them:

That is right folks Ada Liz is now the proud owner of 2 doll houses (the other one is much smaller). On one of the walls is a photo of a woman in a wedding dress and another photo of a little girl. I have heard Elijah and Ada fighting about first photo it goes something like this:

A: That princess.
E: No Ada that is a bride.
(repeat until you are sick of hearing then insert me yelling asking them to stop here)

So over the weekend when just Ada and I where playing with the doll house we had this conversation:

A: That princess.
Z: Yes that is (I learned from Elijah's mistakes;)
A: That Aunt Mary princess.
(then looking at the photo of the little girl) Who that?
Z: Well that could be Ada.
A: (big smile) That Ada!
Z: Do you think that could be princess mommy? (pointing the the bride princess)
A: (even bigger smile) That mommy princess.... (coy smile on her little face) .... (smile) wait a minute! (giggle)

OK so maybe I am not a princess like Aunt Mary.... Oh well one day I will pay for college and she will still love Aunt Mary more (heeheehee)

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