Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I made 3 batches of rice crispy treats for Elijah's school party. I could not of course just make rice crispy treats right? I had to see if I could make them pink/red and heart shaped. Here is how they turned out:

So is it just me or do they look a little like raw hamburger?

And just because I have to tell this story I am adding it to the end of this post:

Ada has been outgrowing lots of the hats that she really likes and it is making her sad. The other day when she got in her car seat she looked like she was going to cry (and not the 2 year old "I want!" kinda cry but I lost my best friend kinda cry). I asked her what was wrong. Looking down at her lap in the saddest voice I have ever heard her use she said :

"I just miss my little self"

(sniff, sniff, me too and not at the same time)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


This is the kind of princess that I want to raise, one that can defend herself.

After School Non-playdate

Elijah has been having trouble coming home after school (he always wants to have a playdate and we have them at least a couple of times a week) so today I thought I would head this off (at least a little bit). I went in to get him in his class to get him ( not on the playground where all the kids are trying to get me to let Elijah go home with them:). I got him almost to the car before he got mad and started yelling (better then on the playground.... right?). It took some time in the car (with me singing in a opera voice until he got into his seat, and him yelling at me for singing (giggle giggle giggle oh and I did get 2 rows of knitting done). Then when I got him home I had made some playdough (yes that is right I made playdough and let my kids play with it (those of you that know me know I hate playdough ... not sure why.... but this stuff was fun.) So here are some photos of me being a organised mom and not just letting the kids fight it out after school (smile).

Can you hear the Abba in the background???Yes that is right I am a Dancing Queen.

And one of Ada as she is everyday watching Dad and brother walk to school.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Knitting Love

Well there are lots of things that have happened in the last couple of months that I have not told you about. First and best of all is that I have formed a Knitting group!! (yes that is right I am teaching people to knit..... a little scary... but they seem OK with it and I am happy to be knitting with people every week.) It is a couple of mom's from E's K class. We meet after school and knit while the 7 kids play (it is amazing that we can get any knitting done, but the kids get on very well and they LOVE it.)

I have falling in love with knitting. I never go anywhere without my knitting (never know when you will be stuck in the car waiting for a kid/with a sleeping kid/just a couple of mins for a row or two..... (OK that last part makes me seem a little bit crazy about it:)

Here is a scarf that I am knitting now, tell me this is not cool... I am gitty with pride about the way it is turning out (please do not look at the holes)

It came from a book called Knitting New Scarves. The book ROCKS!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

Well I should go and get my E from a play date. A is sleeping (I have had the afternoon off and it has been fun. I got to watch the last installment of Emma (I love Emma) and take a bath.... I mean I have been busy clean the house and getting dinner ready for the next week and folding laundry and blah blah blah ;)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

He said She said

She said:  The baby in my tummy is a girl baby.

He said:  What you do not have a baby in your tummy.

S s:  (giggle) it is in my belly.  (giggle)

H s: no you are not old enough to have a baby in your tummy yet.  When God thinks that you are old enough he will put a baby in your tummy.

Mom: (giggle giggle)

Breaking News!!!!

I used a can opener to open a can and it did not hurt. I know that for most of you this is not news, but for me it is great. I have felt like my hands where getting better, but now I can show so proof. I have to go kids coming home from school soon. I will put photos up tomorrow (I took some cute ones of Ada doing crafts today.)

Have a fun Tuesday!