Tuesday, February 9, 2010

After School Non-playdate

Elijah has been having trouble coming home after school (he always wants to have a playdate and we have them at least a couple of times a week) so today I thought I would head this off (at least a little bit). I went in to get him in his class to get him ( not on the playground where all the kids are trying to get me to let Elijah go home with them:). I got him almost to the car before he got mad and started yelling (better then on the playground.... right?). It took some time in the car (with me singing in a opera voice until he got into his seat, and him yelling at me for singing (giggle giggle giggle oh and I did get 2 rows of knitting done). Then when I got him home I had made some playdough (yes that is right I made playdough and let my kids play with it (those of you that know me know I hate playdough ... not sure why.... but this stuff was fun.) So here are some photos of me being a organised mom and not just letting the kids fight it out after school (smile).

Can you hear the Abba in the background???Yes that is right I am a Dancing Queen.

And one of Ada as she is everyday watching Dad and brother walk to school.

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