Monday, February 8, 2010

Knitting Love

Well there are lots of things that have happened in the last couple of months that I have not told you about. First and best of all is that I have formed a Knitting group!! (yes that is right I am teaching people to knit..... a little scary... but they seem OK with it and I am happy to be knitting with people every week.) It is a couple of mom's from E's K class. We meet after school and knit while the 7 kids play (it is amazing that we can get any knitting done, but the kids get on very well and they LOVE it.)

I have falling in love with knitting. I never go anywhere without my knitting (never know when you will be stuck in the car waiting for a kid/with a sleeping kid/just a couple of mins for a row or two..... (OK that last part makes me seem a little bit crazy about it:)

Here is a scarf that I am knitting now, tell me this is not cool... I am gitty with pride about the way it is turning out (please do not look at the holes)

It came from a book called Knitting New Scarves. The book ROCKS!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

Well I should go and get my E from a play date. A is sleeping (I have had the afternoon off and it has been fun. I got to watch the last installment of Emma (I love Emma) and take a bath.... I mean I have been busy clean the house and getting dinner ready for the next week and folding laundry and blah blah blah ;)

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