Saturday, May 31, 2008

funny story

I was getting ready for the day when in comes Elijah.

E: I am here to check and see if you have elaphantitis. (he has a stethoscope and checks my leg)

Z: Well? How am I?

E: I am sorry to say you have elaphantitis. It is bad. You are going to have to go to Octapusland.

Z: Octapusland. (hmm I wonder if this place has a spa and no kids.... Sounds like fun;)

E: Yes you have to go with the king of Octapusland, he is a baby.(I am not sure that Elijah ever fully got over the fact that Ada Liz is a girl and not the little brother that he wanted;) And me of course.

Z: OH (this place sounds less fun without the spa;)

Friday, May 30, 2008

Bubbles and Mantis

By the number of aphids on this rose bush you can see why I wanted the praying mantis;)

I needed to get more bubble stuff because every time other kids come over they would all fight about the one good bubble maker we have. So I went and got this bag of bubble wands and 2 bubble machines (Elijah does not know about them yet). So next time they will have to fight about something else;)

It is overcast and warm today. We are all a little antsy so we are pulling out all the stops. We have gone shopping, wrapped a gift for a party tomorrow, made a card for party, had an avalanche of clean laundry fall on the truck so we had to fold it to dig out the truck, a pillow fort and still it is only 2... I hope I can find some fun things to do this afternoon;)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fabric Swap stuff

I have 2 partners and 2 piles that look about like this. There are some buttons and ribbon also. I hope they like them.

She can Stand

OK this is not a great photo and she is not standing here, but she did do it yesterday.

Just a cute photo. (Ada is thinking "I am not sure about what you are saying, but if you say so...";)

Outdoor Crafting

My friend Maria came for the long weekend and just left late yesterday. We had tons of fun, but the time went by way to fast!

It was a wonderful, warm weekend and Maria and I REALLY wanted to craft. We had been to Jo-Ann earlier and both had projects to work on. But it was really nice and being inside seemed like a shame, so we took it outside. The wind was a little trouble, but over all it went well.

This is a project I am working on for ME! I love it and can hardly wait to show it to you.

Maria is working on a jacket for her and I think this fabric is just wonderful. If she sends me a photo I will post it when she is done. (Hint Hint Maria)

This is what the table looked like after a couple of hours of kids, games, and crafting.

Elijah was good and helped by doing a lot of playing by himself. But Mark did come out and play with him a bunch.

Praying Mantis THEY ARE HERE!!!!

For weeks we have been looking at this bag and seeing nothing but the egg case. All of my friends that I got them for have had there mantis come out, but not us. I was being to think we had a dud.

But yesterday, after Elijah went to school, I opened the bag and this is what I saw!!!

Way cool!!!

Today we took them and put them on our rose bush. I hope they make it. I found one with lots of little aphids on it and stuck the bag on the branch so it would be easy for them to get food.

While we where out there we saw a rose that is about to bloom! Summer is on its way!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bunch of stuff

Sorry I have been not blogging much lately. I just changed my meds (for postpartum depression) and they were not strong enough. I am now on a stronger dose and I think it is going to work better. Anyway enough about that on to happy things:

My friend from Oregon (Maria) is here!!!! I have not seen her in a couple of years and it is sooooo fun to have her here. We are going to go plant shopping this morning with Ada Liz, off to get some veggies for our garden.

We are also going to get (from my stuff and a little new stuff) the stuff together for the fabric swap that I am doing. I am VERY excited about it!!! I have 2 partners and I can hardly wait to start getting stuff together for them.

Lets see what did I not tell you guys about? We had a fun week with friends, here are some photos and the kids:

Ada does not like to have her feet touch the grass... it is kinda funny.

This cute little girl, who by the way when she is not with my son plays dolls and stuff, tried to talk my son into going up stairs to his room here is what she said:

K: Elijah do you want to go play in your room?
E: No I want to play down stairs.
K: We can play guns and bad guys.(boy does she know how to talk to my son;)
E: OK!

Alex is used to being the youngest and I think he liked playing with Ada. It was sooo cute.

It was not all that warm, but the wanted to go in the sprinkler.

Finally I have not been putting up my photos from my class so here are the latest ones, I was trying to emulate Vermeer the painter who did "Girl with Pear Earring"

I was trying to use side lighting. I wanted to use the cats as I had already done a bunch of photos with my kids in them;)

Hope you enjoy them.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thank you President Bush

OK I have never said that before! But I just got a new TV!!! and I have to give credit where credit is do.

We got a Toshiba Regza (32 in) . I can hardly wait to see it, but I have to go to meet some friends tonight for Craft night (woo is me;)

American Idol

OK so I really got into AI this year. So I was waiting last night for the results. I think both of the guys are great, but I like David Cook better.

I had the Tivo recording it, so I would not have to watch the parts I did not like... one of the top 10 got on my nerves so much I COULD NOT watch him!!! Mark comes in and says why don't we watch Bones until it is almost done then you can just skip all the stuff you do not want to watch and get right to the results. (sounded like a good idea at the time)

So as some people know the last 2 standing are both named David.

We watch Bones and when it is over we start to watch AI and skip through all the stuff we do not want to see. We did see David Cook sing a GREAT song with ZZ Top man is David Cook good!!!! And one of my favorites Brook White. I really like her, I knew she would not win, but I really like her, so it was fun to hear her sing again.

After the show was not live anymore but we still had some to watch I noticed that there was not much left on the recording.....

Z: I bet that it is going to cut out at "and the next America Idol is David...."
M: That would be funny (he is not into the show like I am and there for could care less if he found on the computer, from friends(not that he has any friends that watch AI)...)

So what do you think happened? Well Ryan said " and the next America Idol is David .........Cook" Then it stopped recording! Thank God Ryan did not play it out any longer.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Monday, May 19, 2008

Easy bird feeders (Kids Craft)

Today we needed something to do so we decided to work on a project that we had for a long time, but never found time to do (since it only took a little bit to do it I guess we should of done it before now, but I am glad to have had it today), pine cone bird feeders. We had picked up the pine cones while we where away in MA last fall.

All you need is :

  • pine cones
  • Sunbutter/or peanut butter (we use sunbutter because Elijah has a peanut allergy.)
  • some bird food

Pine cones (big ones that are open work best)

Fill with Sunbutter/peanut butter. (note you may want to do a little bit first to see the best way to get the Sunbutter/peanut butter to stick without destroying the pine cone.)

Roll, sprinkle, press... what ever... seeds into the Sunbutter/peanut butter. Then tie a ribbon/string on it.

I can't wait for the birds to find them;)

The best part, when you are all done you can eat the extra Sunbutter/peanut butter;)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

What a great birthday...

Well I had a great day planned for my birthday. Mark was gone for mothers day and I was thinking that I would have a wonderful day for my birthday. We where going to meet some friends for a fun walk and maybe a picnic lunch. Then later Mark and I where going to go out to eat. I had a wonderful looking box from my sister and some cards to read also. What fun it would be.... until Elijah got up and announced that he was throwing up.

So I called off the walk and called the doc. He had been sick last week as well so they wanted to see him. So off we went (all 4 of us, they wanted to see Ada too just to make sure she was OK) ... just a note here THANK GOD Mark is back, to the doctors. Elijah could not walk he was so weak, so I pushed him in the stroller and Mark carried Ada Liz.

His pediatrician was shocked at how bad he looked. Right there she did x-rays, blood work, and a urine sample. They all came back OK, not great. So she sent us to the hospital. Elijah and I dropped off Ada and Mark at home before heading off to the hospital.

They did an ultra sound (just a note here, it is funny to see an ultra sound that does not have a baby in it) and that came back clean. But our Doctor still wanted Elijah to be checked in and get an IV in him.

So after much waiting for a room and a couple of accidents (one on there couch, one in the stroller) we where checked in and staying for the night. He continued to be sick until about 8pm when all of a sudden he was fun and wanted to eat.

The next day he woke up early, happy (skipping and all), and ready to eat more food. He had kept everything in his tummy since 6:30 the night before so they let him go all out.

I have to say that in all of this Elijah was a real trooper. He sat in the chair by himself while they drew blood, did x-rays without trouble, they even pricked his finger and he did not cry.

One other note, since Mark has been gone for so long Ada Liz was not so pleased to be with him, and the cats where sick all over the place, so he did not have a good time.

I hope that next years b-day is more fun.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Some random photos from the last couple of weeks.

Great morning.

Thank God for Skype, so we could see Mark while he was gone.

Don't they both look nice in pink?

Not sure where the train is going, but they where going someplace.

We did some gardening when my mom and dad where here. I wanted to suprise Mark so I did not put any of these up earlier. The front garden looks GREAT!!! Thanks mom!!!

Surveying her good work.

We also planted a tree. It is a willow tree and I love it. I have been watering it everyday boy I hope it makes it.

I just feel so small.

This is my friend, he is a stay at home dad and he is potty training his son. Only a stay at home dad would do this and it makes me laugh so I thought maybe some of you would laugh at this also.

Great Friends and Family

For those of you that do not know my husband Mark has been out of the country for the last 4 weeks. This is one of the reasons that have not been posting much lately. It was a hard month, but doable mostly because of my support network.

I have the best family and friends!!! Thank you all!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fabric Swap!!

Tracey over at Itching 2 B Stitching is hosting a fabric swap. It looks like lots of fun and I can hardly wait to do it.

This is to all those out there that have lots of extra fabric and want to get rid of some it and get some more:) OK so it is not going to lighten your fabric load a lot, but it will be fun!

Monday, May 12, 2008

More Photos

OK by now you may be wondering why so many photo's of Ada Liz with other people? I am still finding it hard to believe that she is FINALLY letting other people hold her;)... and being happy about it.

I just love that he looks so intent on reading the New Yorker.

Did you know that if you take sidewalk chalk and get it wet you can paint your face with it? Neither did I, but it was not hard for the kids to figure out.

When it is time for a nap it is time for a nap!

You can also crush the sidewalk chalk with your feet and make cool art work... or just paint your feet and body with it. I can see you all running out to get a bucket of water and some chalk right now;) It does wash off very easy.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bunch of Photos

Just love this photo!! Thank you Mom and Dad for coming to help out!

Cute Ada Liz

Cute Ada Liz after wonderful brother gave her a flower:)

Yard sale finds the one Ada is playing with was 3$!!!! Cool Find!

Some ribbon streamers we made for Church. We used to use crate paper and then had to throw it out, these we can use year after year. Best of all it only took us 1/2 hour to make them all. A little hot glue, ribbons (wide ones work best), and some doles are all you need.

My mom's mother's day gift. It was fun to do a project with her. If you want to know how I made it just leave a comment and I will tell you otherwise I will not bore you with the details.

Back side of it.

Sweet Ada Liz and our loving, caring, cat. Pippin also let Elijah sit on her like this. We try and stop it, but it is hard if the cat does not seem to mind;)

Dad and me.

These are the sandwiches that my Dad made for the 3 1/2 hours in the plane that they had! He also took a bag of pretzels and a summer sausage. He believes in being well prepared;)