Monday, May 5, 2008

Couple of stories

Elijah has been wearing a pair of boots from his cousin. They are winter boots with linings... it has been in the 60's and 70's here. The other day I get out to the car where he is in the car seat and I see that he has the boots on.

M: Elijah do you think that those boots (which BTW are 3 sizes to big) are going to be the best boots for today?
E: Yep
M: Do you at least have socks on?
E: Nope
M: OK (trying to let him win somethings)

(some time later, about 5 Min's from our friends house)

E: Mom these boots are fuzzy!
M: OK (will that distract him from the fact that they are hot and to big?)
E: They are getting hot can I take them off? They are fuzzy!
M: This is why I thought you might want a different pair, no we are going to be there soon and you can take them off when we get there.
M: (did they get fuzzy while we where in the car???) We will be there soon.

On to different things,

We are having fun with my parents. They are helping A LOT!!!! and it is nice. I will try and get some new photos soon.

I went into get Ada today and SHE WAS STANDING IN HER CRIB!!!! This is the first time she has got herself up. It was pretty cool and I did not run down stairs and get the camera.

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Stephanie said...

Go ADA!! That must have been so cute. :)

Hi Zoe! Glad to hear all is well. I've been thinking about you guys! talk to you soon!