Monday, May 12, 2008

More Photos

OK by now you may be wondering why so many photo's of Ada Liz with other people? I am still finding it hard to believe that she is FINALLY letting other people hold her;)... and being happy about it.

I just love that he looks so intent on reading the New Yorker.

Did you know that if you take sidewalk chalk and get it wet you can paint your face with it? Neither did I, but it was not hard for the kids to figure out.

When it is time for a nap it is time for a nap!

You can also crush the sidewalk chalk with your feet and make cool art work... or just paint your feet and body with it. I can see you all running out to get a bucket of water and some chalk right now;) It does wash off very easy.


val said...

when you set up a blog for your budding artist, I'll be sure to leave comments too!

Thank you for leaving Curly girl comments!!!!

I love your look like a happy family!

Tracey said...

You are having too much fun at your house. I need to come and play too!!!

I am hosting a fabric scrap swap on my blog! I did this through swap bot and had a horrible turn out. So I thought..... I will just host my own then!! PLEASE pass the word around to all your friends and family and let's make it fun. All the details are on my blog. This is my first swap to host, so I really want it to be successful!

Thanks for your help!

Vicki said...

Hmm. I think I may 'accidentally' lose our sidewalk chalk. ;)