Thursday, May 22, 2008

American Idol

OK so I really got into AI this year. So I was waiting last night for the results. I think both of the guys are great, but I like David Cook better.

I had the Tivo recording it, so I would not have to watch the parts I did not like... one of the top 10 got on my nerves so much I COULD NOT watch him!!! Mark comes in and says why don't we watch Bones until it is almost done then you can just skip all the stuff you do not want to watch and get right to the results. (sounded like a good idea at the time)

So as some people know the last 2 standing are both named David.

We watch Bones and when it is over we start to watch AI and skip through all the stuff we do not want to see. We did see David Cook sing a GREAT song with ZZ Top man is David Cook good!!!! And one of my favorites Brook White. I really like her, I knew she would not win, but I really like her, so it was fun to hear her sing again.

After the show was not live anymore but we still had some to watch I noticed that there was not much left on the recording.....

Z: I bet that it is going to cut out at "and the next America Idol is David...."
M: That would be funny (he is not into the show like I am and there for could care less if he found on the computer, from friends(not that he has any friends that watch AI)...)

So what do you think happened? Well Ryan said " and the next America Idol is David .........Cook" Then it stopped recording! Thank God Ryan did not play it out any longer.


~ANG said...

Yippee for David Cook! He's been on the top of my list since he rocked out Lionel Richie's "Hello" I am so glad he won! Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving comments...I do love comments, don't you?!

Zoë said...

Yes I do love comments!!! I was VERY happy that David won!

Vicki said...

I AM SO HAPPY!! I almost called on Wednesday night to share the joy!

Zoë said...

Vicki, you should have!! I almost called you!