Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bunch of stuff

Sorry I have been not blogging much lately. I just changed my meds (for postpartum depression) and they were not strong enough. I am now on a stronger dose and I think it is going to work better. Anyway enough about that on to happy things:

My friend from Oregon (Maria) is here!!!! I have not seen her in a couple of years and it is sooooo fun to have her here. We are going to go plant shopping this morning with Ada Liz, off to get some veggies for our garden.

We are also going to get (from my stuff and a little new stuff) the stuff together for the fabric swap that I am doing. I am VERY excited about it!!! I have 2 partners and I can hardly wait to start getting stuff together for them.

Lets see what did I not tell you guys about? We had a fun week with friends, here are some photos and the kids:

Ada does not like to have her feet touch the grass... it is kinda funny.

This cute little girl, who by the way when she is not with my son plays dolls and stuff, tried to talk my son into going up stairs to his room here is what she said:

K: Elijah do you want to go play in your room?
E: No I want to play down stairs.
K: We can play guns and bad guys.(boy does she know how to talk to my son;)
E: OK!

Alex is used to being the youngest and I think he liked playing with Ada. It was sooo cute.

It was not all that warm, but the wanted to go in the sprinkler.

Finally I have not been putting up my photos from my class so here are the latest ones, I was trying to emulate Vermeer the painter who did "Girl with Pear Earring"

I was trying to use side lighting. I wanted to use the cats as I had already done a bunch of photos with my kids in them;)

Hope you enjoy them.


Stephanie said...

such great pictures, Zoe. I love the one of both of your cats. :)

Zoë said...

Thank you, Stephanie

~ANG said...

Glad you're feeling better! I love the pictures. I'm working on a dress for my little one...staying busy. A mom's life, huh? :o)

Amanda said...

Hi. I work for SaraBear company and one of the causes we support is heightening the awareness of PPD, as such I got an alert to this entry. I hope your new meds are helping.

These pictures are beautiful! My oldest daughter (3.5) can't stand anything on her hands, she could be covered head to toe in whatever, but her hands must be pristine.

Love the "play upstairs" story.