Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Praying Mantis THEY ARE HERE!!!!

For weeks we have been looking at this bag and seeing nothing but the egg case. All of my friends that I got them for have had there mantis come out, but not us. I was being to think we had a dud.

But yesterday, after Elijah went to school, I opened the bag and this is what I saw!!!

Way cool!!!

Today we took them and put them on our rose bush. I hope they make it. I found one with lots of little aphids on it and stuck the bag on the branch so it would be easy for them to get food.

While we where out there we saw a rose that is about to bloom! Summer is on its way!


Ken said...

I didn't know you could by Praying Mantis, and sure did not know how they would come to you. I may have to looking this for our flowers.

Zoë said...

They are great and fun! Thanks for stopping by.

~ANG said...

Hey I didn't know you could get your own praying mantis babies! Thanks for sharing the pics, too. My girls would be all over that. What fun!

Vicki said...

I'm glad the little buggers hatched! Hopefully they'll enjoy your all-you-can-eat aphid buffet.

becca pfile said...

cool, but gives me the willies.. not an insect fan.

Zoë said...

Oh Becca they are just plain cool;)

val said... I am dying to know.......where did you get your praying mantis? did you order them online or buy them locally?