Saturday, May 31, 2008

funny story

I was getting ready for the day when in comes Elijah.

E: I am here to check and see if you have elaphantitis. (he has a stethoscope and checks my leg)

Z: Well? How am I?

E: I am sorry to say you have elaphantitis. It is bad. You are going to have to go to Octapusland.

Z: Octapusland. (hmm I wonder if this place has a spa and no kids.... Sounds like fun;)

E: Yes you have to go with the king of Octapusland, he is a baby.(I am not sure that Elijah ever fully got over the fact that Ada Liz is a girl and not the little brother that he wanted;) And me of course.

Z: OH (this place sounds less fun without the spa;)

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