Friday, May 16, 2008

Some random photos from the last couple of weeks.

Great morning.

Thank God for Skype, so we could see Mark while he was gone.

Don't they both look nice in pink?

Not sure where the train is going, but they where going someplace.

We did some gardening when my mom and dad where here. I wanted to suprise Mark so I did not put any of these up earlier. The front garden looks GREAT!!! Thanks mom!!!

Surveying her good work.

We also planted a tree. It is a willow tree and I love it. I have been watering it everyday boy I hope it makes it.

I just feel so small.

This is my friend, he is a stay at home dad and he is potty training his son. Only a stay at home dad would do this and it makes me laugh so I thought maybe some of you would laugh at this also.

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~ANG said...

Oh man, I'd have a hard time if my husband was gone for month. It's nice that your parents were there to help out. Your yard looks great! I'm working on my mini garden this week...I'll have pictures posted when it's all done. We had fun at the's nice to be home again though.
Love the potty training picture!hehehe :0)