Saturday, May 17, 2008

What a great birthday...

Well I had a great day planned for my birthday. Mark was gone for mothers day and I was thinking that I would have a wonderful day for my birthday. We where going to meet some friends for a fun walk and maybe a picnic lunch. Then later Mark and I where going to go out to eat. I had a wonderful looking box from my sister and some cards to read also. What fun it would be.... until Elijah got up and announced that he was throwing up.

So I called off the walk and called the doc. He had been sick last week as well so they wanted to see him. So off we went (all 4 of us, they wanted to see Ada too just to make sure she was OK) ... just a note here THANK GOD Mark is back, to the doctors. Elijah could not walk he was so weak, so I pushed him in the stroller and Mark carried Ada Liz.

His pediatrician was shocked at how bad he looked. Right there she did x-rays, blood work, and a urine sample. They all came back OK, not great. So she sent us to the hospital. Elijah and I dropped off Ada and Mark at home before heading off to the hospital.

They did an ultra sound (just a note here, it is funny to see an ultra sound that does not have a baby in it) and that came back clean. But our Doctor still wanted Elijah to be checked in and get an IV in him.

So after much waiting for a room and a couple of accidents (one on there couch, one in the stroller) we where checked in and staying for the night. He continued to be sick until about 8pm when all of a sudden he was fun and wanted to eat.

The next day he woke up early, happy (skipping and all), and ready to eat more food. He had kept everything in his tummy since 6:30 the night before so they let him go all out.

I have to say that in all of this Elijah was a real trooper. He sat in the chair by himself while they drew blood, did x-rays without trouble, they even pricked his finger and he did not cry.

One other note, since Mark has been gone for so long Ada Liz was not so pleased to be with him, and the cats where sick all over the place, so he did not have a good time.

I hope that next years b-day is more fun.


Anonymous said...

oh, what a nasty Birthday! My hubby had the flu on his and my sister had the stomach flu. I'm next...needless to say, not looking forward to it if everyone is getting sick!

Zoë said...

I hope it skips you;)