Monday, April 30, 2012

The Pioneer Woman

Not sure if you have read any of her blogs but if not check out this and this one.  They ROCK!

Any way I just got her new cookbook from the library.

  I thought I would just look through it and be happy to give it back..... I was so not going to give it back so instead of stealing it I ordered it.  Now I have it and can just drool over it look at it anytime I want.  After having it a couple of days I have decided that I am going to go and live with her.  She can make me this:

and this:

and this:

and of course this:

and.... well I think you get the picture.  Also I will help pet the this cat:

because you can tell (just like you can will all cats ) that she/he needs to be pet more;)

and I will help her by doing the small amount of dishes that she makes (I mean how many dishes could she make?)

Might need to re-think that one......

All kidding aside this is a great cookbook and well worth buying.  I love the way it have LOTS of photos of ALL the steps so that when you are making it you can just do a quick glance and see what is to be done next.

(On a side note I hurt my back VERY bad this last week and have been out of it. So if I owe you a call/email/million bucks I am sorry that I have not gotten it to you, but I will be better soon and may or may not remember I owe you something:)  (bad luck if you lent me a million bucks this week because I am sure I forgot about that:) )

Have a great day and I hope that you get someone to cook for you (like I have for the last couple of days it does rock!)

Oh and I did not take any of these photos they are all from Ree Drummond's book all I did was take a photo of her photos so all the credit goes to her for the yummy looking photos.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Silly Kids

Just because I have not sent any photos of he kids to Mom and Dad lately you get to see them in some of their silliness.  Enjoy.

One last hug before school!  

"Look what my Dad showed me"  (did you know that you could do this with robins eggs?  of course you did, but my kids did not and now they LOVE it)

One eyebrow raised... I always thought this was cool and could never do it.

"Look how sweet I look"

"I might be getting (giggle giggle) a little silly"

"OK now (giggle giggle giggle) I am getting really silly.

Today's photos come to you from the letter S  (for silly).  

Hope you have some silliness in your day.

Monday, April 23, 2012


Sorry that I do not have a lot to say these days.  I have been very busy with Cub Scouts, school, secret squirrel stuff that I will tell you more about soonish and park stuff.  I hope that things will slow down soon.  Anywho here is a sweet little photo of little pig and all the sweet things that our sweet little A dressed her in.  (to many sweets or one sentence? for one blog? for a lifetime? Oh well)

PS I do have more photos to show you, but they are on the camera that is plugged into the wall right now, so maybe tomorrow Dad:)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Little bit of brass

I was never a brass fan before E picked it up, now I LOVE brass!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dr Who

 For all my geeky Dr Who fans... you know who you are.  Out seeing the beautiful flowers at a local garden the other day and came across this.  Enjoy B;)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Nana visit

We had a great visit with Nana.  She was here for almost 3 weeks and it was great to have here.  Both kids are sad that she left today.  Ada told her last night that she had not stayed long enough and that she needed to stay until we left to go see Grandma and Grandpa:)  (in June) 

Anywho I wanted at least one good photo of them.  You know how hard it is to get a good photo of 2 kids, well try and getting one of 2 kids and a Nana:)

OK I am going to take the photo now everyone look at me.... Hey I am over here!

Nice Elijah, but Ada that smile is a little fake and Nana you are not looking at me!

Not sure that E moved, but A you do not look right... Nana... 

A are you bored?  Nana stop blinking!

OK now everyone is looking at me, but E really that is kinda scary!

(1/2 hour later )* OK now we are talking that looks good.  Thank you guys


Friday, April 13, 2012

Almost wordless Friday

When Kari and I went on our quilting weekend the place we stayed had the cool bullet holes in the windows (this was from when the house was empty and kids would shoot the windows for fun).

I thought that they made cool photos.

To be sure of hitting the target aim first and call whatever you hit the target.  Have a nice weekend.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Normal kid, kinda

Do you see this boy?  The one in the white shirt acting like a goofball?  That is my son.  He is a normal 8 year old boy.  He likes running, football, soccer, kickball (ok all ball sports), reading, singing, playing his French horn, playing with friends (well you get the picture)... regular kid stuff.  What he does not like is having to feel like he is different.  He does not like having to sit at a different table when he is eating, he does not like not being able to eat what the rest of the kids eat, he does not like having to have someone read the labels on all his food before he can eat it.  Just because my kid has food allergies does not mean that he wants to be treated differently!  I was at a scout planning meeting last night and we where talking about foods.  We often do potlucks for our regattas and this year it was suggested that we skip the food part.  From my point of view potlucks are one of the scariest things that a food allergy mom can have to deal with.  I really HATE potlucks.  For the most part I just do not go to them. So this seems like a good idea to me.  But others where worried that there would be not time for folks to feed their kids before hand (I get this) and suggested we do bag dinners.  Where in the past I might have just nodded my head and dealt with it later this time I wanted to stick up for my boy.  So I said since we where going to be at a park (and it might be hard to get everyone to wash hands and all after eating) that we had to make sure that all kids washed their hands after food or it would not be safe for my kid.  Lots of people do PB&J as a quick food and I get that, but if they are eating that then touching all the stuff for the regatta then my sweet boy touches it he will be sick.  So one of the parents said well how about we have a separate table for kids with allergies and then have all the kids wash their hands.  OK this is a fine idea, it is what would make him safe and in most cases I would be fine with that  but with this we COULD make it safe and why not?  We could just make it no food. Then my kid does not have to feel like the odd one out.  Then my kid can feel like he belongs here.  Then my kid can feel like this is his troupe too.  Then my kid can feel like just another kid.  I know this seems like a small thing, but to him it is a BIG thing (and to me also).  In the end I won, kinda, we (the leaders) are going to bring safe foods (like apples, chips (which may or may not be safe never no, but cross fingers), and some cookies that I will pick out).  At the end of the day I am happy that I stuck up for my sweet, lovable, goofy, football loving, kid but with all my heart I wish I did not have to.  I wish he could eat anything he wanted.  If nothing else I wish I could help others understand what it is like, because it sometimes kinda sucks (even if you have great school/friends/neighbors/family that gets it and does everything to make them still kinda sucks).

OK thank you for reading all that and letting me get it out of my system.  It was really bugging me and now I feel better.

I hope you all have a safe day.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Break

Spring flowers from my garden.

I wanted this spring break to be a special week for Elijah.  Ada and I get to do so many things while he is in school so I wanted to make sure that we did special things for E this last week and we did.  Both kids got new sandals, we went out to eat many times, Elijah and I got to go to a movie (we saw the Lorax, it was wonderful!), we had a couple of play dates (I even got to have one with my friend Kari!!!:), a day at the museum, and lots of playing.  All and all it was a great week.

Here is a little spring sign that I made (I still need to add the spring words to it.)

All and all it was as great week and I think that both kids had fun.  Now we are settling back into school and normal life.