Monday, April 23, 2012


Sorry that I do not have a lot to say these days.  I have been very busy with Cub Scouts, school, secret squirrel stuff that I will tell you more about soonish and park stuff.  I hope that things will slow down soon.  Anywho here is a sweet little photo of little pig and all the sweet things that our sweet little A dressed her in.  (to many sweets or one sentence? for one blog? for a lifetime? Oh well)

PS I do have more photos to show you, but they are on the camera that is plugged into the wall right now, so maybe tomorrow Dad:)

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Stephanie said...

Hey Zoe - Do you want to meet up with Susan and I next Monday? Either at Legacy academy or a park if it's nice? I'd love to see you. I'll call on Sunday or something. or email me! :)