Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bad Guy Movie

Elijah got a new "bad guy movie" over the holidays. We all sat down to watch it last night and had fun. What was the "bad guy movie" you ask???

Well it does have lots of sword fights in it;)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

So my sister sent us 4 months of Netflix for Christmas " to help us get through the winter" It is such a sweet gift and it will help us through the winter months! So last night we watched our first video and what do you think it was? Well Dr Who of course!!!
For those of you that have watched Dr Who you will know that when asked who he is he says "the Doctor" So when he gave this speech I had to rewind it and listen to it again. Hope you enjoy it.
Thank you again my dear sister!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Gift making update.

Well I still have a couple of things to do, but here is a list of most of the stuff that I did make for Christmas and what Santa brought for the kids:
I made this bag for my sister.  I made one for my mom also (different fabric) but I forgot to take a photo of it.... (Mom can you take a photo of it?)
I made a kids bag from these fabrics (also forgot to take photo).
These light saver shirts.
This bag for my friend Mary (she has been waiting for this for some time).
Two covers for bean bag chairs.

Two crowns.
Two puppets.  I LOVE the way these came out, very easy and cute.  I got the pattern here.
I also made some banners and gave away some tissue holders and wine bags.
And last but not least here are the shirts that Santa brought for the kids.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Gift Update

I got the last family gift done today!!! I still have a bunch of other stuff to make, but I wanted to get the stuff done for the kids before Christmas. (maybe next year I should try not to cut it so close;)

I will post photos after Christmas, until then I have a little bit of shopping left to do. Ada Liz and I are going off to Target in a bit to get that done. Elijah is having a sleep over at my friend Kari's house (she has 2 wonderful kids his age) so I am free to shop without the "what is that for" questions.

Happy Holidays!

Want vs Have

Need I say more?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Florida Here I come!!!!!

I am taking the kids and moving someplace warm!!! It is 5 out and we are getting more snow today and tonight!!! Now all I have to do is figure out is how I am going to be a single parent because I know that Mark will not come with me...... I may need to think this through more.;)

Enjoy what ever weather you are having, I am going to by turning on the fireplace!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

7 - 11 inches !!!!

That is what our forecast is for this week! I love a white Christmas, but that is a bit much!

Think positive, think positive, think positive..... More time to sew;) and at least it is 7.2 degrees out (up from -1 earlier in the week!)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

I have been VERY busy working on all the Christmas gifts. I can not tell you about them or show them to you, but I will after Christmas. The photo above is of Elijah and I making candy's for gifts also. He is a great helper!

I will write more after Christmas, but between now and then I might be a little sparse. I am also behind in all my blog reading and commenting so please do not get offened if I am not commenting on your blog, just know that I am sewing up a storm. (With the show being on the 6th of December I have to get everything for Christmas done after that and it has ment lots of time on my machine.)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas list

Elijah climbed into bed with me today. We had a wonderful time just chatting and snuggling. Boy I am going to miss it when he is not into snuggling anymore. So I said that it was time for writing to Santa and telling him what you want for Christmas. He said that he did not know if Santa had what he wanted. (wonder what he wants?) E: I want a rain coat with a dragon on it and an orange shirt with a blue butterfly (Mom have you heard that one;).

OK I know that Santa can get a orange shirt with a blue butterfly, but where in the middle of winter with Santa get a raincoat? Where does he come up with these things????? I have NEVER heard him say anything about a raincoat.

More Elijah Stories

I just had to put this photo up after 5 million cute photos of Ada Liz just to let everyone know that she does cry. Not much, but I just loved the way she was crying and I left her and ran off to get my camera. (just so you know she did not fall down I put her down and that is what made her cry, I am not that bad a mom;)

So on to the story. Boy Elijah has just been full of good blogworthy stories these days.

(out of no where)
E: What would happen if there was a fire in our house and we where not there?
Z: Well most likely one of the neighbor's would see the fire and they would call 911.
E: Oh
(we spent about 5 mins talking about other things like what does wigglepiggle mean (he always makes up words and gives them a definition that no one but him knows))
(out of nowhere again)
E: What if they do not see it?
Z: See what Elijah?
E: The fire?
Z: (Oh) Well then the house would burn down. But it would be a good thing that we are not in the house because that means that none of us would get hurt.
(Holding breath)
E: Oh, but where would we live?
Z: (breath, breath) Well we pay for insurance so the insurance company would build us a new house.
E: OH That is nice of them. Do you know what ziggle pop is?
( Thank you God for getting me out of that one.)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Snow Day

We had a bunch of snow today so we all stayed home. We made ornament cookies, regular cookies, watched a Christmas movie and so on. For afternoon snack we had the cookies that we made. I gave each kid one cookie (I had no idea if they would be any good), and then they each got one more (they were very good).

E: Can I have 3 cookies?
Z: No I think 2 cookies is enough.
E: Well then can I have one more?
Z: (does he think I can not count....?) Ahh No I think 2 cookies is enough. You know I can count right?
E: (giggle) Yes

A boy can try right?

Goggie Update

Awhile back I told you that Goggie and all the other imaginary friends in this house died. Elijah was sad about it, but every time I said something like maybe I can bring them back (they are imaginary right I must have at least that power) he would inform me that I did not have that power. Well for Thanksgiving we had friends over and the little girl, Kaitlyn, used some magic and brought them back. She was VERY pleased with herself for being so helpful and I was happy to have them back (why you ask when I spent lots of my time putting them in time outs or asking them to behave, because they are just are part of Elijah's childhood and I am not ready for him to grow up to fast). So all day on Thanksgiving we where thankful that we had them back.

Days go by and I say something about Goggie

E: Mom you know that Goggie is dead.
Z: I thought Kaitlyn used magic to help him come back?
E: No silly Kaitlyn does not have magical powers I just let her think she did to make her feel good.

So we not only do not have imaginary friends but we have little boy who know that he should make girls feel good, by telling them what they want to hear..... Boy I guess I was just dreaming when I hoped he would not grow up to fast;)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Is this Normal?

Elijah and Ada Liz are playing with playdoug and I go in to see how they are doing and Elijah shows me this:

-------------------This is the blood ------------ This is the water----------------------- This is the poison ivy

And the brown is where the cannons come out. Who knew play dough could be so .... graphic;)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Just Ada Liz

I have put up millions photo's of Ada Liz in all her cuteness, so here is a rock star photo. She put on the hat, necklace, and the sunglasses (just to be cool I think;). Just to cute not to take a photo of.

Please Help!!!

So here are some of the tissue holders that I made for the show. I am going to sell them for $4 and have been having a disagreement with my table mates. I do not think that they look as nice when they have tissues in them and do not want to go out and buy tissues for them, but they think that I should sell them with tissues in them. Do you think for $4 you would expect to have tissues in the holders? Please take a minute and vote (over in my sidebar, I have never used a poll before and not sure if it is working so if it does not please feel free to just leave comment). Thank you.

This is how I am going to display them.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bags and Kids and Things That Fly

As I promised here is a bag I made for the show. I really was going to sell it, but I fell in love with it and so today I filled it up and am braking it in (that way I can't sell it;)

And here are a couple of photo of the kids today:

Elijah made this cool thing (it had some story about lasers, shooting bad guys and I do not know what else, but it is cute! (maybe I should not be calling something that shots bad guys cute...))

This one is cute! OK no things that fly, but it sounded like a good title.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Long Weekend

Well it does seem that I am not much of a writer on the weekends and a 4 day weekend is a big one. Sorry it has been so long. (I know that most of you are just waiting for your blog feeder to let you know when I have updated my blog;) Haahaaa!!!
Thanksgiving was a blast. We had our friends Stacey and Buran (and their wonderful, cute, lovable kids over). They come over around 11ish and stayed all day. We talked, played bridge, and did crafts! What a fun day! Here are some photos from the day:

This is a craft idea that I got here and it was lots of fun and they came out great, if you ask me.

The kids decided to have a "camp out" and here are some cute photos from that:

They had a great time and so did the grown-ups. The rest of the weekend went by way to fast, but nice. I spent the day on Saturday working on the last of the stuff for the craft show. It is on Saturday and I am ready (OK mostly sick of making stuff for it, I keep reading on other blogs about stuff people are making for Christmas presents and I want to get on with making the gifts I have planned;) I am going to try and take some photos today of all the stuff that I will be trying selling on Saturday. It has been a while since I showed you anything crafty.