Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Goggie Update

Awhile back I told you that Goggie and all the other imaginary friends in this house died. Elijah was sad about it, but every time I said something like maybe I can bring them back (they are imaginary right I must have at least that power) he would inform me that I did not have that power. Well for Thanksgiving we had friends over and the little girl, Kaitlyn, used some magic and brought them back. She was VERY pleased with herself for being so helpful and I was happy to have them back (why you ask when I spent lots of my time putting them in time outs or asking them to behave, because they are just are part of Elijah's childhood and I am not ready for him to grow up to fast). So all day on Thanksgiving we where thankful that we had them back.

Days go by and I say something about Goggie

E: Mom you know that Goggie is dead.
Z: I thought Kaitlyn used magic to help him come back?
E: No silly Kaitlyn does not have magical powers I just let her think she did to make her feel good.

So we not only do not have imaginary friends but we have little boy who know that he should make girls feel good, by telling them what they want to hear..... Boy I guess I was just dreaming when I hoped he would not grow up to fast;)

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Stephanie said...

oh. that was so sweet of him. cute story. :) RIP goggie!