Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas list

Elijah climbed into bed with me today. We had a wonderful time just chatting and snuggling. Boy I am going to miss it when he is not into snuggling anymore. So I said that it was time for writing to Santa and telling him what you want for Christmas. He said that he did not know if Santa had what he wanted. (wonder what he wants?) E: I want a rain coat with a dragon on it and an orange shirt with a blue butterfly (Mom have you heard that one;).

OK I know that Santa can get a orange shirt with a blue butterfly, but where in the middle of winter with Santa get a raincoat? Where does he come up with these things????? I have NEVER heard him say anything about a raincoat.


Kari said...

Try Farm and Fleet. Seriously.

kraftykash said...

My 9 yr old daughter wants a new baby brother for Christmas. "Not going to happen sister!" Thats what I told her. :)

Vicki said...

The new Playthings at Hilldale has a bunch of raincoats. Don't know if they're his size (ir if they have a dragon), but it might be worth stopping by tomorrow.