Thursday, December 18, 2008

Florida Here I come!!!!!

I am taking the kids and moving someplace warm!!! It is 5 out and we are getting more snow today and tonight!!! Now all I have to do is figure out is how I am going to be a single parent because I know that Mark will not come with me...... I may need to think this through more.;)

Enjoy what ever weather you are having, I am going to by turning on the fireplace!


Dorn Moore said...

Hang in there Zoe. Only a few more days until Winter starts.

I'm not even going to tell you how warm it is in Charleston today.


Zoë said...

THANKS!!!! Wanta adopt a single parent and 2 really cute kids????;)

kraftykash said...

Cold weather is not fun at all! It makes you want to do crazy things! BTW I just tagged you! Come check it out and play along :)

~ANG said...

No snow here right now...just lots and lots of rain, really cold rain! Sending warm thoughts your way!