Wednesday, March 14, 2012

great gifts

Z: No Belgian this sweater is not for you.
B: But I am sure that I could fit into it and it is so cute.

Z: But Bel my friend Kari gave that to me and it is not for you.

B: But it is a wonderfully hand knit sweater and it is just my size.
Z: I know but it is for our Christmas tree and there is NO way I am letting you wear it.

B: OK but I still think it would fit me better then it will fit the Christmas tree.

B: Well at least she made me this little blanket.
Z: (I will wait and tell her later that is really a wash cloth, also for me,.... do not want to break her heart all at once right?)

Thank you Kari.

May your life be filled with great gifts.


Kari said...

Thank you - I had a great weekend.

Zoë said...

I did too!