Thursday, April 23, 2009

Steaming Mad!

Here is a story from last week that I had to put to ink cyber space.

We where running late.

Trying to run out the door, pick up little girl (what is that I smell?), run up stairs change diaper, run down stairs, yell ask Elijah to put shoes on, run out to start car

As I am going out I hear Elijah say to Ada Liz "shhhh wait for Mommy to go"
Z: (He is SOOOO not going to have his shoes on when I get back!)

So I run back inside (still feeling the presser of the day weighing down on me and it is not even 8:30!) I see the shoes still sitting in the same spot! Now I am steaming mad, fire coming out of my head mad. I walk around the corner my hole body tense with anger and I see........

Both kids sitting on the floor and Elijah is putting Ada's shoes on.
E: I am helping put her with her shoes! (very proud)

***Insert melted heart here****

I stopped took a deep breath and hugged both my kids. We took our time getting out to the car, had a fun ride in and where still on time.....

And just because I think everyone needs one look of a jelly girl here is a photo:


Stephanie said...

This is the sweetest story.

Zoë said...

Thank you. I told this to my Pastor and he said that I had to write it down. (I did get kinda teary eyed when I told him about it.