Monday, April 13, 2009

Last week

Well you maybe wondering what has happened to me, well we are in the process of buying a new house and it has been taking most of my spare blogging time. I know where are my priorities?

I have not talked about the new house much because I did not want to ginch it, but at this point I guess I can just talk about it and if it does not go through we do not have to pack all our stuff up (way to look at the positive right:). I also have not talked about it because we only moved into this house a couple of years ago and I am feeling silly that we are moving again. I kinda talked my husband into this house (I did not know this until recently) and as it turns out it was not the right place for us. I love that it is a new house and that it does not require a lot of work on our part. I also love the layout and the way the house flows. But we want to be closer in. We want to be able to walk to things. Out here we have to drive to EVERYTHING, and we would like to just be able to walk to some stuff (before we moved here we walked A LOT and now we NEVER walk). So we have an offer in on a 91 year old house. (The blog maybe filled with house repairs instead of craft for a while;) It is the same size as this house but it has more rooms. I am even going to have a space for my crafts that is not in the living room!!!! (I am going to share the attic with Mark) I am hoping that means that I can have more crafting time or at least get more done because I can leave it out.

Well that is all the rambling time I have right now, but if you do not hear from me in a while that is what is going on. This week we will know if it is going to go through and I am hoping (cross fingers) that I will have more time (haahaaa) to blog. Forget about all the time it is going to take me to have this house on the market (maybe I will just leave a link to my blog as an excuse for not cleaning the house heeeheee).


Jennifer Schultz said...

Hi there! (I know, it's been awhile)

I will send good wishes that what should be will happen with the house. We live in a 120+ year old hoe so perhaps we'll be able to share tips and joys of living in an older home.

Jen Schultz (from Pilgrim Center)

Yarni Gras! said...

good luck!