Tuesday, April 28, 2009

And so it starts.

My husband is a wonderful packer (and not the green bay kind). Most... well ok maybe even all of our moves (and there have been a lot of them) have been done with Mark packing most of the stuff in our increasingly larger household and he does a great job. There is no point if fighting the way he does it (I learned that early on, it took awhile as I am stubborn, but I did get it in the end.) So when he started packing this weekend I was not surprised, but I had to give it a little try so that maybe he would not stress to much:

Z: You know that we have over 2 months until we move right?
M: (stopping looking for the right thing to fit in the box he is working on) I know I am running behind! (smiling)

So we sit down to dinner later and I go to reach for the salt and pepper shaker and they are gone (they where the right shape for a spot in a box he was working on:) Oh well we still have the salt container... for now. LOL


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No craft room here...unless you count the dining room table or the screened front porch. Hey, it works! One day I'll have a craft room. You'll get one first and you'll have to let me know how fabulous it is!