Wednesday, June 2, 2010

List for the day


I am feeling like I have almost no energy, but I thought if I put a list down on here maybe I would get more of the things done. So here goes:
  • one load of laundry (well I got it in the wash... will go down right when I am done to put it in dryer)
  • clean living room
  • plant one flower box (the last one!) Nope
  • plant some daisies that someone put out for free in front of their house (I love daisies and really want them and now I do not have to pay for them.... well if I get them in the ground:)
  • bake cookies for Elijah's school party on Friday (with eggs in them:) Nope guess that will have to happen tomorrow.
  • make some hard boiled eggs (I really missed hard boiled eggs) Nope
  • go to book club (I could not sleep last night so I was up until after midnight reading, but I can go now without someone telling me then end of the book. The book is called The Believers by Zoe Heller (cool name yes???)) Great talk about the book glad I made it.
  • go help in E's class Love being able to help in the class
  • go out with the with some of E's classmates mom's for a drink (I am just dreaming that I will have enough energy for that:) Still holding out hope on that one.
  • work on quilt (HAHAHAHAHA) Not a chance
Well, I am off to start the list wish me luck.

Now for the list of things that I did not think was going to be on the list but got done.
  • got driveway ready for the guys to pave it.
  • got dinner marinating
  • oh and I did get Ada and me lunch (guess I did know that was on the list;)


Kari said...

Which one did you start with?? Good luck with your list. I have some fresh eggs if you want - just let me know

Stephanie said...

good luck, Zoe!