Friday, June 11, 2010

Last day of school

Well E and M just left for the last day of Kindergarten. I am a little sad. When I go and get him today I will have a 1st grader on my hands (sniff sniff sniff). (I will also have a almost 3 year old, two other 1st graders and a 5th grader.... and no I am not going to an adoption agency this afternoon;) just watching some friend's kids) Oh and I do not have tons of time to miss his as he is getting out in less then 2 hours (kinda wonder why they sent him to school today).

We are all headed to the zoo to celebrate a great school year. I hope it will not be to crowded ( but since everyone is getting out early today I do not hold out a lot of hope:)

Sorry no photos today Mom and Dad (I know how you love them, but I have nothing to share). Enjoy SUMMER BREAK (this is my first as a mom and it makes me a little scared, but I think it will be lots of fun.)

I just reread that last part and almost sounds like I will not be writing over the summer, but that is SOOOO not true. If I did not have a place to write I might not make it to the other end of the summer (heeheehee). So see you all on Mondayish.

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