Monday, June 7, 2010


Well Blogger is down right now and since Ada is watching her “I want to blog” TV show I have to try and write this in a word doc and copy it over..... lets see how it works:)

Anyway we had a nice end of the week last week. Elijah's school had a concert (every class did a song). Elijah's class did a cool song called “Hum mp-de-dump” supper cute. I wish I would have taken photos. Before the concert we had a pizza party and painted all the kids faces (thanks Mary that paint that you sent is GREAT!). The kids had a fun time. I try and go into E's class once a week and help out, I love being able to be in the class. It is fun to see how they are learning. Ada comes with me and plays on the rug with the dolls (with 15 kids in E's class and only 2 girls the doll do not get played with a lot this year:). I still find it amazing that I can take her in the class and can get anything done. Elijah was not like this and I could not have had him in the class with me (he would have been down the hall, up the wall, pulling the fire alarm (kidding.....kinda).....).

Anyway on to the rest of the weekend (running out of time on the TV show). Mark, E, and A went camping with one of our neighbors. It was so nice to have a little time in the house without them. I spent Friday watching TV (I know I should have done other more productive stuff, but I just wanted to veg). I got some sewing done (I now have 27 blocks done, only a couple more to go). I was nice. The rest of the weekend was spent being lazy and getting energy back (it did not work so well as I am low on energy today... oh well).

The show is now over so I have to get going. But one last thing..... last night I saw the first fire fly of the season.

Afternoon update.

I went grocery shopping with Ada. It took all the energy I had out of me. Thankfully Mark was home to help unload the car and put most of the stuff away. Ada also helped, but she was hungry :

Ada: Is my lunch ready yet?

Me: Not unless your fairy God mother made it for you.

A: (smiling) you are my fairy God mother! (giggle)

M: No I am not (still sitting on the stool that I unloaded the groceries from not moving)

A: Then grandma is!

M: then we should call her and see if she made your lunch.


She called grandma and asked her if she was her fairly God mother and if she would make her lunch (giggle). Mom thought that was cute. But then I still had to make her lunch...... I just read a blog about the missing laundry fairy who has not been seen in a while. I am wondering if the fairly God mother is being held hostage by the same person????? Maybe we should start a web search for the two of them????? Do you know anyone that has seen them????

Anyway I must of looked really bad when I showed up to pick up E from School, because A (with her shoes on the wrong feet ) and I hardly got on the playground before a friend offered to take E for the afternoon. Thank you God for wonderful friends. I got a nap and now am thinking about sewing, or reading..... thinking reading may win out as it involves staying right where I am and not moving more then my hands and eyes..........

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Kari said...

WOW - 27 blocks!!! It must have felt so good to just sit and create! I'm jealous. How many more flowers do you have left? Have you moved onto the leaves?