Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer ROCKS!!!!!!

It is almost 10 and we are all still in our jammies, and just eating breakfast (can you all hear my husband rolling his eyes?). We made the most wonderful muffins (with eggs of course.... which might be why they are so good), read Harry Potter in bed, they watched some TV and I knitted while the muffins where in the oven. Oh and we had fresh strawberries that Elijah picked yesterday. That was our day so far.

Yesterday my friend took Elijah for the WHOLE day (I mean I dropped him off at 9 and picked him up at 4:30!!! He had tons of fun. They when strawberry picking, played Lego's...... not sure what else put it was a great day for a 6 year old.

While he was away Ada and I spent part of the day with my friend Kari. I have not seen Kari in what feels like a month of Sundays (BTW that is 30 weeks ..... not sure why I had to look that up it was REALLY easy math) so it was great to have some time with her. She come over and looked at how my quilt is coming along (all but 3 blocks done) and help me set up how I was going to sew them together. She also brought me my b-day gift!!! She brought me a wonderful bag (that she made) filled with yarn and a pair of needles. She also showed me how to do magic loop knitting. It is so much fun, it does take a little to get used to, but it is FUN.

I need to get going soon because all the peace in the house is starting to break down, but before I go I need so show you a couple of photos from the last couple of days:

This one is from last week, nice yes??? Makes you want to go right out and get a Popsicle yes?

How many boys can you get on one rock?

Look at me Mom!

Mark was in a volleyball tournament over the weekend (Elijah did a great job helping keep score)

Here is my wonderful new knitting bag (thank you Kari!!!)

And the inside.

And how far I have gotten (it is going to be a square... not sure how.....
Yummy b-fast.

OK now it is almost 11and I should get a bath. Have a nice day.

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Kari said...

too funny... yes it will turn out to be a square, trust me! I had fun too. Now get up and get your day going ;)!