Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Different kinda pet.

In my house growing up we where kinda known for having strange "pets".  We had cats of course and maybe even a dog for 30 sec or so, but the strange pets are the ones that people remember the most. 

There where the chickens, they lived under our porch.  This seemed like a good place, lots of air, lots of space (it was a large porch), easy for us to get in and out to collect all the eggs.  We where going to get LOTS of eggs, after all there was lots of chickens and one REALLY mean roaster (we did not know you did not need a roaster).  We never got any eggs, but it was my job to go in and see (everyday) and the roaster would bite me (everyday!!!).  One day we wake up and all the chickens where gone.  I am pretty sure I was not sorry that I did not have to face that roaster anymore:)  Note: you need to dig down in the ground and put the chicken wire under ground or the fox/something will come in and eat all your chickens

There was the mouse we caught in our flour bin.  It was a big drawer that came out at an angle so it was deep and shaped like a triangle.  One day a mouse fell in the bin and could not get out.  I think was put food in for it until the day that we left it open and walked out of the room the cat did not waste any time she just jumped in and had a nice yummy dinner. Note: cats like to eat mice.

Of course there was the leaches. They where fun.  They stayed in a large pickle jar.  We caught them at the lake that we would go swimming at (when you went swimming you always had to check to make sure you did not have any on you.)  I do not think that we gave them any food I think we just kept them for a while and then let them go back in the lake.

Then of course there was the snakes, turtles (we saved them from China town from being eaten), newts, mudpuppies, and of course the tarantula that Mom got after I left the house.  I am sure that there where lots of other animals that I am forgetting (Mom, Dad, Sister if you remember any you can comment or send me an e-mail and I will update this blog:)

So why this long story you ask?  Well we just got a tadpole.  It is so cute with little legs already.  We are going to let it go when it has 4 legs and no tail.  No name yet but is is photo of him/her.

See him in the corner there?  You can almost even see his legs.   

Have a hoppy day.



great story!!!!!


Zoë said...

Thanks Dad. I love you guys.


Remember the little green snake? We have a wild one living under the doorstep of the Fire Hall! barbara

Zoë said...

which green snake???? Seems we had a couple of them:)