Wednesday, March 25, 2009

First part of our train trip

We gad a great time on our train trip. I was hoping that I would be able to write a couple of really long blogs with lots of details, but I am just to far behind to do that so.... you get a brief story and lots of photos (this might take just as long, but it is less thinking on my part (heehee)

Elijah was just getting way to antsy by the time the bus ride was over that I thought that Mark might just blow steam out of his head (I know this look as I have had it MANY times with Elijah;) So I took Elijah for a walk and got to walk the whole train. It was fun to be doing stuff with Elijah and not fighting with him (He and I had a REALLY ruff patch right before the trip).

We also found this cool hand dryer (man was it fast cold air)

Just a shot of the 2 of us on our "anti-antsy" walk

Here we are in our room on the train... finally. The room was wonderful and big(ish) for a train.

Dinner is included and boy was it good (well maybe that was the wine talking:)

We had to change trains at (Oh my Goodness ) 5am and here we are at that hour, trying to look happy.

We spent a lot of time watching a movies.

Piggy wanted to see out the window also... too cute.

Lots of card games.

Lots of craft projects (glue sticks rock! thank you Stephanie for the idea)

Nothing feels as good as sleeping on Dad's shoulder.

Here we are in PA!!! All happy and mostly well rested. More tomorrow (I know you are not sure how you can wait that long, but you will have to:)

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