Monday, June 16, 2008

Work weekend

We have some friends that need a lot of work done on their yard (it is huge!!!) and since we also always have projects that need to be done, but never get done, we set up a work exchange. We work at their house one day and then the next time they work at our house. The theory is one parent can take care of the kids and the other 3 can work. It worked REALLY well.

The kids had lots of fun.

The garden got ready.

I got to watch the kids! (this was hard hee hee.) I laid in the sun and watched the kids;)

In my defence I did make sure that we all had food most of the day.

In the afternoon it rained so we came inside the kids watched a movie and colored and I got to teach our friends bridge!! I have been looking for another couple to play bridge with FOREVER! I sure hope they had fun so we can play again. (OK I am a geek to love bridge, but it is fun).


~ANG said...

What fun! Looks like the guy with the tiller got the short end of the stick!

Zoë said...

That they did;)

Vicki said...

Wow, tackling that yard is a HUGE feat!! I can't believe how big their kids are... it's been way too long since I've seen them.

P.S. I love your Crocs. Very cute color!

Stephanie said...

This was such a good idea. Looks like a fun day. :)

~ANG said...

Okay Zoe, I have the need for a great camera tip. I have a super fabulous spider web beside my porch. My first thought is to get rid of it and it's inhabitant, but it's so pretty I want a picture. I tried, but they all came out blurry...grrrr!