Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Random Things

Yesterday was a nice day. Ada Liz has been pulling herself up for a couple of weeks now, but only a couple of times, but yesterday she figured it out. She was doing it all day and she loved it. We mostly just sat on the floor and played so she would have lots of time to practice. It was lots of fun.

Two days ago we put mulch on our garden and boy does it look good. We are working hard... or was it hardly working... on the garden (well there is lots of thinking and some working ... hee hee;) The gardens are starting to look really nice (with lots of thanks to my mom for all the work she did while she was here, both in the garden and getting us started). Here are a couple of photos.

I also got some flowers for in my flower pots this weekend and I have yet to plant them, but here are the pots and the flowers and you can imagine how cool they will look together;)

Mark took our house plants out this weekend and both the house and the plants said YAHHHH. I love to take them out and get the extra room in the house in the spring and I love to have them back in the fall.

Lastly, Elijah has a new friend around these days (imaginary). For the last couple of days he has just been "my new friend" but I said it would be better if he had a name. Elijah named him Elijah. I thought this might be a little confusing so I suggested Eli and that was accepted. So now our house house has yet one more imaginary friend.... just what we need. I do hope that he is a good kid unlike Goggie, one of his other imaginary friends, who is a likable kid, but has a bad streak. I have found myself saying things like "I do not care which one of you started it Knock it off" when Elijah and Goggie start fighting. (Yes that is right I have to brake Elijah and his imaginary friend up, put Goggie in time outs, feed Goggie... Who knew that imaginary friends could be so much work for the Mom?)

Gotta go and play with Elijah because the imaginary friends are not enough today, he still wants me:)


Stephanie said...

Ah, it all looks so pretty, Zoe!! Good work. Love it.

Congrats to Ada on the standing and Elijah for making a new friend.

(and you for being so gracious to him)


val said...

all so pretty. I have a green thumb too but once we got our kitty, we had to keep out houseplants outside. He doesn't do nasty things in the soil but he loves to throw it out of the pot and then roll around in it........VERY messy nd our plants didn't take too kindly to it. :-)