Monday, June 30, 2008

Day update

Well the rest of the day when kinda like this:

I found out that if something is stuck in the door of the washing machine and you go in to get a can of tomatoes (from your laundry room)... you are likely to step in A LOT of water... bonus is that the laundry room floor has never looked so clean;)

I took Ada to the Doc and found out a couple of things:

1. She has good lungs (duh, she has been screaming all day!)

2. She has nice looking ears (no infection, bummer )

3. He did not know what was wrong to make her so upset. His best guess "Maybe she just always feels great so if she feels a little bad she gets really mad" (For this he went to all those years of school? OK just kidding I know he was just trying to make me feel not so bad for bringing her in. )

So by now I am feeling .... well beat up by the day. We are driving home, it is late, and I am hoping that Ada is sleeping, when I hear this strange noise. I look up to see Ada in the back seat with the pacifier in her mouth smiling and clapping her hands.

(insert melted heart here)

It is funny how a whole day of screaming can be canceled out by a couple minutes of clapping;)

Have a nice night.


~ANG said...

Glad you made it back. Yeah, I have found that one smile or perhaps a giggle can cancel out the frustration caused by hours of whining or crying. I'm glad it's no ear infection. Have great day!

Zoë said...

Love the giggle!