Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Who knew?

This happened last week.

Nice walk and time at the park, sounds good yes? Not to much work, right?

Started great. Kids happy. Nice walk (if you forget the "Can we go to the park now?" "Can we go to the park now?" "Can we go to the park NOW?")

Humm the park looks a little wet. That is ok, "Elijah we are not going to stay long because the park is wet, please stay out of the puddles." (OK, OK, you are all saying what are you nuts?)

So far so good (OK we have only been here less then a min, I am still dreaming that we might stay dry;) "Please just play on the playground equipment" (that should keep him out of the puddles, right?)

WRONG! (OK all is not lost just a little wet.) (here is where maybe I should have taken him home). "OK I know that you are wet, but please try and not go in the puddles" (I think Elijah heard "Go in the puddles")

Yes that is him falling into a puddle.

I think all might be lost, but at least he is only wet at the bottom.

It does look like fun, yes?

Well his pants where already wet so what the heck.

What is he doing now?

OH jumping off, there goes the shirt. Oh well all is lost might as well enjoy it.

And enjoy it he did.

Ada Liz also had fun.

(she might be thinking "that looks like fun I can not wait for mommy to let me do that";)


CathyJean said...

Hi! Zoe,

Aahhh!!! Motherhood! yes, the fun of it all!
Did you get any flooding with all that rain? My daughter & son-in-law are in the process of moving from Madison to Sun Prairie, and their new house flooded in the basement (yuk! all the work of moving and then that mess to deal with). Did I mention before that I'm from Wisconsin?


Zoë said...

Dear Cathy,

No you did not say you where from WI. Cool. No we were lucky not to have flooding. I am sorry to hear your daughter did. That sucks!

Thanks for stopping by.


Brandy said...

What a cutie playing in that water at the park! Love the pic of your daughter sleeping under the table while you craft too!