Thursday, June 5, 2008

Star Wars

So we had our friends R & M over for dinner last night (this is a photo of M and Elijah). This moring I asked Elijah about last night.

Z: Did you have fun with R & M last night?
E: Yes
Z: Do you like M? (they spent at least 45 mins looking at this book about Star Wars with M telling Elijah all about ... well everything about Star Wars as far as I could tell)
Z: Do you like R?
E: (thinking)... I liked her haircut. (big smile)

OK I am sure that this has to do more with the fact that M spent the night talking about a wonderful movie that Elijah is not allowed to see (as he is a bit to young in our minds for it yet) and R just talked about other stuff. Elijah was in aw of M for knowing so much about it.

On side note both Mark and I had a wonderful time with both M AND R.


~ANG said...

My little ones are fascinated by Star Wars too. My husband knows all about them and loves to tell lots of stories. We found Star Wars early reader books at the library. The stories are pretty close to the movie but the pictures are cartoonish, so as not to overwhelm the young minds with scary looking alien types :o)

Zoë said...

Thank you I will look for the books! I am sure that Elijah would love that!