Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lots of stuff

What I should be doing today:

I swear that it is not the same pile from last week. I really need to start folding laundry when they come out of the dryer;)

  • blogging
  • finding good prices on steam vacuum cleaners (anyone got one they like?)
  • playing with Ada (ok that should be in the what I should be doing list)
Here are a couple of cute photos from today:

There are 2 kids in this photo. I do not know if Ada likes this or not, but she did not cry so I did not intervene.

Ada loves this pig and one day we are going to be having a "where is piggy" post instead of this.

And lastly here are the photos that I sent in for my class this week.

Photo by Zoe

Photo by Zoe

Photo by Zoe
And lastly this is a photo that I liked, but could not find a way to make fit into the lesson for the week so did not include, but wish I could of:

Photo by Zoe

Now off to fold laundry.

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