Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Stroller Shopping

I went stroller shopping yesterday. I knew what I wanted and only needed to go get it. I was getting this stroller. It is a Maclaren and I have a broken one that I love. It rides nice, well it did before I ran over it with the van. So I looked on line and found it they where about $150ish, this bummed me out as I was hoping to spend less. But I figured I could save some money if I found it in town, but where to go? My favorite baby story USA Baby went out of business here in town. This was a huge bummer for me and many of my friends. I was in the store with Ada, I went to get her a big girl car seat when I found out and I got weepy (maybe it was the hormones Ada was still little). So I bit the bullet and went to Babies-R-Us. I do not like going there and have not had good help there, but yesterday was different. I found a guy that was helpful, had kids of his on, and (and this is really important) knew what he was talking about! I looked at the Maclaren that I wanted, they did not have the cool pink one (Mark would be happy;). I started putting Ada in all the strollers and remembered that I could never do the clips on the Maclaren, but I still liked the way it strolled. In the end I found the stroller in the stroller in the photo. A Wendy Bellissino. I had never heard of this brand, but I love it. It rolls nicely, easy to move, tall handles, nice sun shade, was only $99, and COOL colors! Marks only comment today when he saw it was, "Is it pink?", "Of course it is pink;)"

For those of you that read this and do not have kids you are thinking "what the heck!", but if you have ever gone looking for a stroller you will understand how hard it can be! Got to go put it together.

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