Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Where is Kitty?

Story from a 4 year old prospective.

Where is my kitty? When I went to bed she was here. Where could she be? I think I will turn on the light and see if I can find where she is hiding. (who cares that it is 3:30am)

That is better light helps. Now where could she be. I know she did not run away, why would she? I give her all the love a stuffed toy could want:

I love her.
I toss her down the stairs.
I play ball with her (she loves being the ball).
I carry her in my mouth by her ear (she LOVES this).
And most important I hug her really tight every night.

So where could she be? I think I will go ask Mommy she will help me.

E: Mom I can not find Kitty
M: (groan)
E: Mom I said I can not find Kitty
M: She is there somewhere go look for her

Me back in my room. Where do you think she is? (Oh here comes Mom to help, I think she just discovered that it was 3:30 am!)

M: It is the middle of the night you need to go back to bed!
E: OK ( I know we will find out where Kitty is hiding tomorrow).

Mom puts me back to bed, OH there is Kitty under the blankets! I knew she did not run away!

Photo from last summer, but Kitty has not changed much since then.


Stephanie said...

This was really cute.

I like, "but kitty has not changed much since then." heehee

Anonymous said...

just the best four year old story i've read for a while! adorable, hope you got some sleep,,,

Zoë said...

Stephanie -- Well she has changed a bit, more times in the washer;)

anonymous -- Thank you. We did get so sleep;)