Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What a day.

My mother-in-law left today and in her wake I was left with: (note that not all of these things are because of her.. really only the good stuff;)

  • a house full of folded laundry (thank you Nancy)
  • a clean kitchen (thank you again!!!)
  • a baby that thinks that nursing is more fun when you pull on it(this is not fun to mom)
  • a baby that thinks electric cords are fun to play with (not a good idea)
  • a 4 year old that is being a real pill (here are a couple of the conservations that I have had with him today)
m: Elijah please do not do that I do not like it (as nicely as I can say it, after saying it 16 times in a minute and 1/2)
e: Yes you do Mom (big smile)
m: No I do not (less nicely now)
e: Yes you do (just as big smile)
m: (do not get angry, do not get angry, do not get angry) No I do not (breath, breath)

This goes on for a couple of more times before I decide that I should be the adult here and stop this. And then there is this one:

e: I am done with quiet time! (in a not so friendly voice)
m: No you are not.
e: Yes I am! (pushing me now and a little louder)
m: No you are not and your sister is still sleeping, so please keep your voice down.
e: I am DONE quiet time! (louder still on the stairs below his sisters room)
m: (calmly, calmly) If you wake your sister up you are going to loss your movie, your fruit snacks, and your night time stories.
e: NO I WILL NOT!!! (at the top of his lungs!)
m: Now you have lost everything. Back to your room.
e: (screaming and crying)
m: (well this day is going well)

Well the good news is that they are both in bed, and I am off to watch the results of America Idol.


~ANG said...

Thank God for early bedtimes!
Can you believe Carly got voted off?! I thought for sure it would be Jason although I do like his sound. But Carly? She can sing! Do you have a favorite?

Zoë said...

I could not believe it was Carly. I was hoping it would be Jason, but mostly hoping it was not Brook. I like her. I think that David Cook is going to win and I think he should. Yes Carly can sing and she will be doing something after this.