Thursday, April 10, 2008

SmartWoman, SmartWool

My Aunt once told me a story about her a lesson that she was teaching her class (my Aunt used to teach English as a second language). She put a table with all of her black shoe/sandals on it and pointed to the table and said "I do not NEED any more back shoes" (My Aunt is very fond of black shoes and there where MANY shoes on the table) Then she pointed to another table with a couple of other black shoes and said "But I really WANT these black shoes"

I love this story and think of it often and wanted to use it on a blog, but did not know what I was going to use it for. Then one day as I was picking out what socks I was going to wear, I sometimes pick the socks before I pick the shirt, I realised that I might not NEED anymore SmartWool socks, but that I always WANT more SmartWool. For those of you that have not tried them and live someplace where it gets cool/cold, go out and get a pair! They ROCK! And they make you smart (OK maybe that is not true, but they are warm and come in cool colors)

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