Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What time is it?

Up at 3:30 am

Up at 4:30 am

Up again(or was it still) at 4:30 am

Needless to say I am sleepy today. I had hoped that they had both outgrown the middle of the night thing... heres to wishing they do.

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~ANG said...

My little one, who will be three in May, has FINALLY gone three weeks without waking up at night (usually around 1:30 am). I forgot what it was like to not have to get out of bed during the night...although I am now trained to wake up automatically at 1:30. Maybe I'll outgrow that :o)

Oh, by the way...loved the science project idea...I am so doing that today...I grew to love Bill Nye while teaching a Middle School math/science exploratory class.