Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Story by Grandma

This is a story that my Mom told my son tonight at dinner. My mother is trying to get Elijah to eat different kinds of food. So here is the story that she tells my son.

There once was a boy named ... lets call him EJ and he did not like to eat. His mom said to him "will you eat rice" and EJ said "No I do not like rice"

(the story went on like this with lots of different foods, until EJ started to shrink.)

Then EJ decided he would not eat pasta (one of my sons staples).

MyMom: What do you think happened to EJ?
Elijah: He died
MM: That is right!
Me : (braking in as fast as I can) NO it is not what happened !! They took EJ to the hospital and put a tube in his arm until he would eat and it hurt a lot!
MyDad: And they let him watch TV all day long.
Me: (again as fast as I can) NO they do not!!!!

Moral of this story " do not let Grandma tell stories"


~ANG said...

That is hilarious! I have had to change Grandma's stories, too. The swimming picture is great. I am going to sign my girls up for swimming lessons this summer so they will learn to love the water...and then I won't be a nervous wreck the whole time they're in it. Hopefully the pool will be opened at the beach so I can get them in there again.
Thanks for the well wishes...I hope we have fun, too! Oh, the toothless smile is one of my favorites....especially covered in pasta!

Zoë said...

Thank you. Have fun.