Friday, April 18, 2008


Sorry I was missing yesterday. I was working as Wonder Mom yesterday;)

8:00 drop Elijah off at pre-school
8:15 go grocery shopping (2 stores)
9:45 unload groceries and put them away (while giving Ada a snack)
10:15 back to pre-school (Elijah had z as the letter of the week and on Thursdays they bring something with that letter in and my sweet boy wanted to bring me!) (fill in ahhs here;)
10:45 back in car for Ada's 9 month doc appt. (how could she be 9 months already?)

Note I thought that I was really early for the appointment. I thought it was at 11:55, so when I checked in at 11:09 I thought I was just going to sit around and play with Ada a bit. They could not find her in the computer until they looked at the missed appointments, the appointment was at 10:55 (thank God we where so early they could still see us).

The rest of the day was filled with making Ada's dress.

Here would be a great place for a cute photo of her in the dress, only 2 small problems with that idea: 1 she is still sleeping and 2 (but this is the big one) the dress is more a tube then a dress right now. I learned a couple of important things while making this dress. First when making a reversible dress you can not, as far as I can tell, make attach the sleeves at the top or you will not be able to turn the dress inside out, making a nice tube. Second you can not hem the bottom the way I thought that I would or ... well you can not turn it inside out either. I had done both of these things so I had to rip the seams on both one at a time to find out that both where the problem (I only did them both 2 time and then I figured it out;) So now I know what I need to do to fix the problem. I am going to turn them to the right sides and do a cool top stitch on both the hem and the sleeves. Wish me luck.

OK I had to take at least one photo and put it up so that you could see what I mean.

Do not sew the 4 taps at the top together! This is very important to a cute dress, however if you want a cute tube go ahead!

Well that is enough about the dress. It will be done soon, I hope;) My Mother-in-law is coming this weekend and she will help if I do not get it done before then. On to other things:

Here are the photos from this weeks class. This weeks lesson was self portraits. I had tons of fun with this and took lots of photos! I hope you like them.

Photos by Zoe

I am going to go work on the dress, rip the hem for the LAST TIME!!!! while the kids are still asleep, please let them keep sleeping... please please

note as I was looking for spelling errors Elijah got up and is now sitting here "helping" me, oh well I will get it done sometime.

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Stephanie said...

You were wonder woman. my gosh.

I do love your self portraits...esp the shadow one. have fun with your mil!