Monday, April 7, 2008

Nice weekend

We had a really nice weekend. The weather was nice, the kids were good *ish*, and we got a lot of stuff that I wanted to get done done.

On Friday Elijah and I raked the whole front lawn, it was nice to get all the dirt and grim from all the snow off the grass. (Sorry to those of you that might still have snow). We were pooped after that, but it looks nice now.

Saturday was in the low 60's and nice. I went to look for fabric for a quilt with a woman from church for a quilt that we are going to make for our "crying room". It is going to be really nice. I also got a cool fabric for something for Ada (HELP Stephanie!) and some needles for my sewing machine, hard to do projects without that;) In the afternoon we were out doors and worked on the gardens. How fun it was to be out and have dirt on my hands!

This is why on Sunday we spent the afternoon "baby proofing" the down stairs. I have a friend who's baby crawled a little like this and it is cute. She does not move fast, but she is getting faster everyday. We also had a nice dinner with our friends. We have not seen them since December, and we thought we would see them more if they lived here, ha ha.

Right now Ada is in the crib, awake, boy I should go get her, but she is not crying... yet;) and Elijah is playing his harmonica nice change from the yelling and banging. OK Ada went back to sleep and Elijah is still playing the harmonica and with his door open now so it is louder.

Sorry this post is so late. It took Mark to get the video up. Thanks M.


Becca Pfile said...

Look at Ada!! You go girl!!

Stephanie said...

what a little smartie to figure out this cool crawl.

this is so cute.

Zoë said...

Thank you both. It is different, but wonderful. I am so happy that she can move now, as she is happier too.